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The Rideau Canal is a…

National Historic Site, Canadian Heritage River, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


As part of its commitment to the Rideau Corridor Landscape Strategy, Parks Canada is facilitating a Landscape Character Assessment to identify key features and values of the Rideau Corridor in order to support more effective planning and management of the Rideau Corridor’s landscape into the future.


What is a Landscape Character



A Landscape Character Assessment helps us to identify the features that give a locality its sense of place and pinpoints what makes it different from neighbouring areas.


Chaffeys Locks

By considering the landscapes of the Rideau Corridor today, how they came to be and how they may change in the future, the Landscape Character Assessment will help ensure that future development within the Corridor is respectful of valued landscapes and perhaps even improve these landscapes.


A Steering Committee has been established to oversee the development of the Rideau Corridor Landscape Strategy and the Landscape Character Assessment.


Boathouse on Newboro Lake

Over the course of 2012, the Corridor was studied and mapped to identify important cultural and natural areas and landscapes, and places where development and change are likely to take place.  Through this work and extensive public involvement, recommendations for appropriate planning and management tools will be developed.


Building on extensive research, studies and reports completed over the past several years, this Landscape Character Assessment will:


•   Act as an information resource for multiple stakeholders,

ranging from all levels of government to property owners

and businesses;

•   Promote better understanding of the significance of the

Rideau Corridor;

•   Help conserve the unique character of the Rideau Corridor;

•   Assist with building strong, sustainable communities; and,

•   Promote more effective planning and management of

the Rideau Corridor landscape.

Our current step in the process:

Final Report


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Final Report

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Final Report